Marie Runs a Lemonade Stand

October 14, 2017

My name is Marie, and I am eleven years old. I held a lemonade stand on August 26th to raise money for Do It For the Love, and I will always remember that even the people who didn’t want lemonade and kept running or riding their bikes turned around and and gave a donation. I am also happy that Mr. Stowe wrote back to me and let me use Des Moines Water Works Park to set up, and that my grandparents gave me $123.00.

I got inspired by a Dairy Queen commercial that sent $1.00 for every purchase to a hospital that helped kids with cancer, and I wanted to do something to help people too. My mom told me about Do It For The Love, and I went to the Michael Franti concert in Des Moiness this summer and heard more about it. Do It For The Love is very kind to help people with illnesses and wounded veterans to have fun and experience a live concert.

My great-grandpa Neu is a World War II veteran and loves operas. He is almost 101 years old. I think that he would really like to go see an opera. Maybe my contribution will help that happen!