Coming Together to Support a Cause

October 19, 2017

All across the country this summer, a powerful community of yogis organized events in support of Do It For The Love. Ann Chihak Poff was one of these yogis. She organized an intimate event at Turtles Yoga and Wellness in Beaverton, OR in September.

“The most memorable part of the event was the bringing of students together to support a loving and beautiful cause. As a community, we can provide for others while doing something good for ourselves. I grew up with a single mom. We didn’t have a lot of money. But we still found ways to help others who were less fortunate than us. As an adult, I feel that I was put on this earth to help others. I do that every day when I teach yoga. But I love to be able to reach out to our community–especially underserved part of our community–with my teaching. Yoga can bring community together. Music can bring community together. Turtles loved partnering with Do It For the Love and looks forward to the future!”