Zion Sees Ariana Grande

April 16, 2015

Seven-year old Zion from New York City gets her inspiration from music. She was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and the medication has made it difficult for her to attend school. But she is working through her difficulties and she keeps on singing! We were glad to send her and her family to see Ariana Grande in New York City recently.

Her grandmother shared a bit about their experience: “Thank you so much for the tickets. What I remember most about the concert in my granddaughter and her mother getting out of her seat dancing and singing along with Ariana. It was priceless. This was the first concert that Zion and the family have ever attended. In Zion’s words, “this is the best concert ever”. Thank you for bring a bright spot for my grand daughter during a challenging year. There is always, light, love and music to lift us up and provide hope!!!