Wish Grant Update: Myka, One Year After Seeing P!nk

January 17, 2015

One year ago, we received a heartfelt nomination from Jim in Colorado for his wife, Myka, a 40-year-old mother of four with Grade 3 brain cancer and an inoperable tumor in the left temporal lobe of her brain. Jim explained to us that “Pink is her biggest musical inspiration, and this would be seriously amazing therapy for Myka. Your foundation speaks of the healing power of music, and I see this in Myka.” We were so delighted to be able to grant this wish for Myka and Jim.

Jim recently contacted us with an update of how Myka’s concert experience helped inspire her through the year:

“It is amazing how much the Pink concert has helped Myka over the last year (hard to believe it was a year ago – January 19!) fight the constant battle of her brain cancer.

All the reasons I shared with you why Pink’s music means so much to Myka, were reinforced in the several months following the concert. The day after the concert, she had a seizure that messed up a nerve in her spine, basically immobilizing her for month or so, and then in the spring after an MRI, it looked as though her tumor was progressing towards a more advanced stage.

Hearing that news from the doctor was so incredibly difficult. But during the following days and weeks, Myka’s fighter mentality kicked in, and with inspiration from her experience from DIFTL, continued writing her own story. The month or so after her bad news, she went to her doctor at MD Anderson in Houston to follow up on the progression of her tumor and talk about the options. To skip to the end of the appointment… the doctor had no real explanation as to why or how, but the tumor started to back down!

I have two explanations – First, Myka is a bad ass like Pink, and nothing except for God is going to control the outcome of her life. Second, people like you and your foundation, our community and beyond, as well as many others support and pray for her. Tumors have trouble surviving in such a powerful environment…

Today, Myka still has her 2-3 month MRI scans, and deals with occasional seizures.  But her resolve is strong, and was strengthened at the concert. She is otherwise very healthy, and is living a full life with the family. If you did not know about the war in the left half of her brain, you wouldn’t think anything was different about her.

The prognosis for Myka’s cancer is 3-5 years, and as she starts into year 5, I can’t help but think those numbers don’t apply to her. She is so mentally strong, and sometimes she will share with me how she prays through a seizure, or moments of self pity and doubt. I sit back in awe, and pray for a long life with her.

No one knows when their time will be up, and when you really start to think about the uncertainty of it all, you can get scared into ignoring it, or you can make the decision to make the time you have count. Pink inspires Myka to make her life really count.

Thank you so much for letting Myka experience Pink’s concert.  Like I said, it was treatment – and I think it’s working!”