Wendy Meets Michael Franti

July 31, 2015

Wendy’s daughter contacted us with a heartfelt note about her mother’s recent diagnosis of advanced-stage colon cancer. She shared a bit about her mother’s challenges over the past six months and her determination to keep dancing, as it has been central to her well being throughout her life.

“It would be so so special if we could make this wish come true for her,” she said. “My mother has inspired so many people with her youthful and creative spirit. To be able to bring a smile to her face and an opportunity to meet someone whose music inspires her soul would be incredible.”

With the generous support of the good people at the Wanderlust Festival, we were able to send Wendy to the Squaw Valley festival with her son and daughter. They were invited backstage to meet Michael, Sara and the band and even had a chance to dance on stage.

“Our “Do it for the Love” experience was so amazing that it seemed surreal and magical,” Wendy said. “The compassion, joy and love my two kids and I felt from Michael, Sara, Joyce, Hossein and the audience when the three of us joined Michael, went way beyond what my kids and I have ever experienced. It’s more than just a memory; it’s a piece of our lives that will help us to be “just a little bit better” each day.”