Vinny Sees Frozen On Ice

January 8, 2016

Music is an important form of therapy for four-year-old Vinny, who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Kernicterus and Auditory Neuropathy. Despite his challenges, when the music comes on, he is overcome with joy.

“Vinny dances to all music and we take him to as much live local music as we can,” said his mom. “We want to make sure Vinny is given every opportunity to experience EVERYTHING this beautiful world has.”

Like many other four-year-olds, Vinny’s latest music obsession is with Frozen. We were happy to provide front-row seats to Frozen on Ice in Denver recently, where Vinny’s love for music came alive before his eyes.

“Our experience was AMAZING! As we were checking into our hotel we ran into Anna from Frozen. Vinny went up to her and gave her a hug. Vinny took his special friend Owen who was already going to be in Denver for a visit at Children’s hospital. Perfect timing AGAIN! Vinny had so much fun and we sat front row. My heart smiled at the sight of him watching as Anna and Elsa came out. We are blessed with love and are very thankful Do it for the love helps individuals attend such special events and music. Vinny will have memories that will last a lifetime even at 4 he has told EVERYONE yes including strangers he went to Frozen on Ice. The benefits of such a special moment is he’s practicing his speech and social skills :). ¬†We are forever grateful for making our wish come true. Music is powerful and love that Vinny feels the power and embraces all music”