Update On Lola

October 9, 2015

One year ago, we helped make a wish come true for Lola to meet her favorite musician, Christina Perri. The grant was beautifully captured in video by our generous volunteers, Tacia, Missy and Jeff. It was a memorable experience for everyone involved and an inspiration to all who have watched the videoover the past year.

We caught up with Lola to hear about how this grant has affected her over the past year.

“Having Lola meet Christina Perri was an incredible uplift for all us in Lola’s family,” said Lola’s father, Tim. “To have such a show of support from incredible people that we didn’t know was immense. The feeling I got during the concert is difficult to explain, but it will not be forgotten. I am not an emotional person, but every time I hear Christina on the radio I break down. I get such a range of emotions, mostly the feeling of triumph and a renewed faith in humanity.”

Lola’s mother, Maia, shared a bit more about the unexpected affects of this grant.

“Lola’s still battling Leukemia but with strength and grace. She has had some bumps in the road but she’s happy and continues to be bolstered by her supporters. Lola still loves to listen to Christina Perri as a means to relax and recuperate. She’s amazed that she actually got to meet her. Christina was very kind and made Lola feel so special.”

Lola has been inspired by the kindness and generosity of people and groups like yours during her journey. She has begun her own charity called Legos From Lola. She has found that during he long hospital stays building Lego sets has been a great activity to keep her mind busy. She thought other kids might also benefit from that so she wanted to be able to provide our “home” pediatrics unit with new Lego sets to give to other children having to be in the hospital. We’ve been working with the Asante Foundation and our local communities to fund raise and gather Lego donations. We hear from hospital staff that it’s been a bit hit with patients. The feedback has made Lola so happy.

Because of organizations like DIFTL, Lola has been able to learn that giving is as wonderful as receiving. Thanks for that unexpected gift. We will forever be grateful for the gifts you have given to our family and the Love that you share with other wishgrant recipients.”