Tyler Sees Ed Sheeran

November 3, 2017

Tyler, 15, has cerebral palsy that affects his right side along with a seizure disorder and global delays. All of this is a result of a premature birth due to twin to twin transfusion syndrome. He loves music and even takes adaptive guitar lessons. He fell in love with Ed Sheeran’s music a couple years ago and watches any videos he can find on his iPad. His favorite song is ‘Castle on the Hill’ and gets excited whenever it comes on the radio. HIs family was so thrilled to hear Ed was coming to Buffalo, which is only an hour away from where they live. Getting tickets proved to be difficult, though. They tried three different cities, but they all sold out in minutes. Tyler’s service coordinator told his family about Do it For the Love, and they applied. The whole family was so excited when Tyler was selected!

“The day of the show, we told Tyler we were going to try a new restaurant for dinner. When we got there, we ordered and then broke the news that we were headed to the show right after dinner. He couldn’t believe it. We arrived at just the perfect time to get our seats and enjoy James Blunt. Tyler really enjoyed his performance. Then Ed Sheeran came out and he was dancing at his seat. He got to hear all his favorites and it was a spectacular show.

Thank you so much Do it for the Love! There are only a few things Tyler enjoys as much as watching a live performance. We are so grateful that you made it possible.”