Turner Sees Luke Bryan

June 16, 2018

Five-year old Turner and his family have endured many challenges over the past few years. Turner lives with cerebral palsy and has undergone a number of surgeries. During this time, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and the family endured a heartbreaking death of a loved one.

“This night felt like all that went away and we were just a family enjoying some great music and that was so very needed for our family,” said Turner’s Mom.

We were happy to provide a night of music with Luke Bryan for Turner and his family, including back-stage access to a VIP concert and premium seats.

“We will remember having so much fun as a family and how much Turner LOVED the music. Music is Turner’s favorite thing and Luke is his favorite!

One of the most memorable moments was when Luke played a couple of songs just for the VIP room. I asked someone to see if there was a spot where Turner could get close, being that he uses a wheelchair and is only 5, he could not see over anyone. They made a space for him in the crowd. Once Luke started playing, Turner just started clapping and screaming at the top of his lungs. He was so incredibly happy that he just had to scream at the top of his lungs. It actually made his mommy cry knowing how happy he was and how much fun this was for him.

After the VIP show, one of his crew gave Turner the pick he was playing with. That was so very special for us and we will make a frame for his room with the pick, tickets, photos and vip passes in it. We were also to happy that people were so nice and just wanted to meet Turner! We had great seats for the concert and we all loved every minute of it! After the show when we were getting back to the car, Turner was screaming and clapping non stop again! It brings us so much joy to know he had so much fun and was so happy to stay up way passed his bedtime to hear the music he loves. Thank you Thank you!”

Special thanks to CID Entertainment for their help in making this wish come true!