Trayvon Sees A$AP Rocky

November 3, 2015

Eight-year old Trayvon has been living with seizures for the past two years. After being diagnosed with epilepsy, he was given medication, which unfortunately his body has rejected. He is now being considered for brain surgery to remove the part of his brain that causes the seizures.

His mother nominated him for a night of music with A$AP Rocky. His smile in this photo says it all… and we hope he keeps smiling every time he thinks of this experience.

“This experience for Trayvon was one of a kind,” said his mom. “I got to see him smile, laugh, dance and sing along with the concert. He was all-around happy, which doesn’t happen often with him. After the concert, Trayvon said “I will never forget that concert ever mom.” That really made me feel good, knowing Do It For The Love gave him a lifetime memory of being completely happy and worry-free for one night. We truly appreciate everything Do It For The Love has done!”