Tracy Sees Janet Jackson

January 6, 2018

Tracy was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer four years ago and was successfully treated through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  Less than two years later, the cancer returned and metastasized to her brain, progressing to stage IV.  She underwent more chemotherapy and more surgeries and is still in treatment with targeted therapy. She and her family have been so strong throughout everything and at times it would be hard to “just be” and not have cancer creeping into their thoughts.

“Do It For The Love sent my husband and me to see Janet Jackson in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  It felt so good to have a moment in time when we weren’t thinking about cancer.  We felt “normal.”  I cannot explain to you how important it is to feel normal when you have cancer.  You gave us back a feeling we thought was lost forever.  We really appreciate what Do It For The Love did for us.  The experience was amazing and you helped us feel like regular, normal people.  Cancer creates a “new normal” and there are times when it just really, really sucks, but you gave us a great day, a great feeling, and priceless memories.  We hold onto those feelings and memories and we can’t thank you enough.  We are so appreciative of what you did for us.  Please never stop doing what you do; Do It For The Love makes a big difference for so many.  Thank you so much!”