Tim Meets The Zac Brown Band

June 27, 2015

Tim has been undergoing chemotherapy since November 2014 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We were glad to provide a night of music with the Zac Brown Band in Cincinnati for Tim and his family, where they were welcomed to the “Eat and Greet,” served by Zac and the band and had a chance to chat with them and enjoy VIP service and seating.

“As we stood in line to get into the stadium for the Eat and Greet, Tim had a temperature of 100 plus from the chemo, however he was not going to let that stand in the way of enjoying this time with the band. Rusty, the personal chef that travels with the band, prepared an awesome meal for us and approximately 120 fan club members.  He was very personable, taking time to go around the tables talking with us. The Zac Brown Band actually served us in a buffet style line. We were able to speak with each one of the band members and Tim even invited Zac Brown to go sailing with him on Lake Lanier!”