Thiago Sees Marc Anthony

March 16, 2018

Thiago is a vibrant, caring, expressive seven year old. He was diagnosed with leukemia in February of 2014, when he was just three yrs old. Thiago has been tested many times on his strength, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. On his Make A Wish trip to Disney World, he ended up in the hospital; and still he had a smile on his face. He loves to pay it forward, and participates in many fundraisers for his hospital and other charities to help raise money and awareness through Team Thiago. Thiago’s mom recently got the opportunity to see Marc Anthony perform, and unfortunately could not take Thiago. Thiago absolutely loves Marc Anthony, singing and dancing along to his favorite songs, and loves Marc Anthony’s spirit when performing, so Do It For The Love made it possible to take Thiago along the next time he was in town! Thiago loves all Marc Anthony’s music, but there is one particular song he love the most “Vivir mi Vida,“ which translates to “Live my Life “ This song has helped him during the hardest parts of his treatment.


“We have to thank Do It For The Love because you made Thiago’s dream come true. He had the chance to meet Marc Anthony and enjoy his concert. It was a wonderful experience for him and for us as his parents to see our son fulfill his dreams. It was the best thing in the world, and for that, we are grateful. Music heals the heart and the soul and makes the difference in kids’ lives.”