Thaddeus Sees the Gorillaz

September 12, 2017

Thaddeus, 7, was diagnosed with a tumor on his sciatic nerve at age 3 and had it removed just a year later, only to find out that it was a high-grade, very aggressive form of cancer, a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor. He went through aggressive chemo and radiation treatments and eventually had the entire nerve removed. Thaddeus has been cancer free now for almost two years, but still suffers physically from the side effects of having the nerve removed. Music has always been important to him, and he has recently really gotten into the Gorillaz and playing his keyboard. Do It For The Love was so happy to send him to a concert when his mom nominated him!

“Thank you so much for the tickets to see the Gorillaz! Thaddeus was so excited to get to the show, even though we were nervous about the torrential downpour that we drove through on our way there. When we got to the venue, Thaddeus excitedly pointed out everyone wearing their Gorillaz shirts while we got to our seats. He stood and danced as much as he could, with some breaks of being carried by his dad. The whole experience was amazing- from the music itself, the guest appearances, and the visual and animated effects throughout the show. Eventually he heard the first notes of his favorite song, Clint Eastwood, and he practically jumped in the air. He and his brother got the biggest smiles on their faces and they sang along with almost every word.┬áSince the concert, Thaddeus has been inspired to practice on his keyboard more, as maybe someday he will be able to entertain stadiums full of people with his music.”