Tara Sees Miranda Lambert

February 2, 2018

Tara, mother of two, is living with Stage 4 small cell carcinoma lung cancer.  She was nominated to see Miranda Lambert in concert by her spouse, Debra. “Tara never thinks about what she wants or needs. Even her choice of employment, as a truck driver for the local food bank, was helping people.” Do It For The Love was happy to make some special memories for this couple.

“Just before the trip, I had gotten the news my cancer had spread throughout my bones, and I was convinced nothing could make me smile again. I was wrong. For those few hours I was able to lose myself in the music and to forget about the cancer and just feel like Tara again. Music IS healing. Words cannot express my gratitude. The memories made that night are priceless. I would encourage anybody who is facing the unthinkable to apply. Music really is healing and the memories will be cherished.”