Tamara Meets Enrique Iglesias

January 4, 2018

I’ve always had an indescribable love for music.  It’s  the soundtrack of my life, playing in the background. During my younger years, I was able to attend concerts regularly but as I grew older and had a family, they became fewer and farther between. Then came the cancer diagnosis, and I thought that part of my life was over forever. I was honored just to be nominated by Ashlea M., the social worker from my hospital. The day I received the email from Do It For The Love telling me they were sending me to the concert of my dreams, and meet Enrique Iglesias too, was a day I’ll never forget! I sat there for some time unable to move, just crying a lot of happy tears. I couldn’t believe something so amazing was happening after such a long stretch of bad news, sickness and chaos! I didn’t care if I had to crawl to that concert. I was going to make it no matter how bad I felt, and thanks to a lot of amazing people…I did! The concert was incredible, and so was my meeting with Enrique Iglesias! Enrique was so kind, charismatic and funny that I totally forgot how incredibly nervous I was! Thank you Enrique for being so generous with your time, and making everyone feel so comfortable! On the way home, I started watching videos from the concert I’d taken the night before but, the more I watched the more it hit me. That feeling I felt during the concert was not the same as watching videos. I realized then, that’s the special feeling and heightened experience that DIFTL is striving to give people!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the memories I have on video but I think it’s the combination of the artist singing their music, the beats, lights, and incredible energy flowing through the air that are essential in capturing that incredible feeling! I can’t remember the last time I felt so alive, or when my mind wasn’t thinking of doctors, hospitals or chemo, only what was happening around me. I was truly living in the moment. It’s a feeling that goes deep into your soul that you never forget it and you crave it over again!

To all at Do It For The Love, I could never thank you enough, for allowing me this opportunity, and making me feel special during a time when you feel like the world has left you behind. A huge thank you to Michael Franti and his wife Sara, for creating something so wonderful and fulfilling one of my biggest dreams! Alexis M., for all of your hard work in making this happen! Last but not least, my family and friends, for all of your time & support! The love and compassion that everyone has shown, has humbled me, and I’m eternally grateful, Tamara B.