Steve Sees Sir Paul McCartney

October 3, 2014

The night was perfect, the crowd was totally there and the band and Sir Paul McCartney were rocking Missoula in the biggest concert in Montana’s history. The seats were great; front of the stage, 30 rows back. We were able to see him – himĀ – without the aid of the high definition jumbotrons. What an amazing time, to hear, live songs that I have been singing for some 50 years was truly memorable.

What a celebration of life, a re-affirming of life’s energies and opening of new paths. I am truly blessed to have been able to participate. The recovery journey, from the cancer and the chemo and radiation, has been, and is, a hard road. This time, that you all at Do It For The Love made happen for me, is one that I cherish. It is good to be alive. Thanks.”