Stephanie Sees Ed Sheeran

September 8, 2017

Stephanie Divito, a selfless single mom, was blown away when after applying for a Do It For the Love wish grant for her son, was offered a wish of her own to see Ed Sheeran.
Stephanie adopted her son Joey 6 years ago at birth who was diagnosed with life-threatening Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. His care requires 100% of her attention and finances. Becoming a single mom 2 years ago only added to the strain physically, mentally and financially. A night out was out of the question.

Through the nomination process for Joey, she mentioned being diagnosed last August with Ocular Melanoma, a very rare and aggressive cancer in her eye. Although she will never be cancer free, she said she is determined to fully battle this for her and her son!
Stephanie said “Going to see Ed Sheeran in concert was more than a dream come true! He is one of the artists on my playlist daily. My son and I have had many impromptu dance parties listening to Ed’s music. There was no way I could afford or take time away from Joey to see a concert. Being granted the tickets to see the concert was wonderful.  I had fun and laughed and danced without the weight and stress of our life on my shoulders. I felt rejuvenated, and empowered to keep on fighting our battles. I am very grateful for your organization and will find a way to pay it forward and give back to you!”