Shawn Taylor Meets Celtic Woman

June 16, 2017

We recently received a heartfelt nomination from the mother of 27-year-old Shawn, who lives with cerebral palsy, severe congenital scoliosis, and autism. “Because of the scoliosis, Shawn’s nervous system has caused difficulties with his internal organs. He has gone through five spinal surgeries and one surgery on both ankles,” shared Dena, Shawn’s Mom.

Shawn draws inspiration from his favorite band, Celtic Woman. “Many sounds can be overwhelming to him, but he has always loved Celtic Woman. Any time he would listen to them on a CD or over the television, he would get very still and was completely enchanted.”

Shawn and Dena were beyond grateful for their VIP Celtic Woman “thrill of a lifetime” experience. “Everyone was so kind and gracious to him backstage. Because of the autism, Shawn does not show emotion the same as many of us but believe me, he never took his eyes off the stage once the concert started. At one point he even started clapping along with the music and that is something he rarely does! I bought Shawn a program at the concert. He looks at it now and smiles with a twinkle in his eyes, remembering his special night. I know he will never forget it! Thank you so much Do It for the Love for making his dream come true!! Please accept my heartfelt thanks for giving my son a night he will cherish all his life.”