Scott Meets Nahko

September 25, 2015

Scott is a thriving 28-year old who’s overcome the obstacles of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to find his independence as a writer and yoga instructor. After receiving the note below from him, we were happy to bring him to Nahko’s show in Los Angeles, where the two spent some time together before the show. It was an experience that he said “was wonderful, amazing and spectacular. I loved the experience and I’m incredibly grateful that this was able to happen. The sheer amount of love that Nahko showed towards me was incredible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- you sure made my spirit happy, your organization is incredible.”

“The universe is a beautiful place and often brings us challenges that we must overcome in order to grow. Through facing these challenges we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and we develop gifts that we must share with the world. This life threw a unique situation at me. I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and as I have aged my muscles have weakened and my life has truly been a crazy transformation, from wheelchairs to breathing machines to having full time caregivers that make it possible for me to live independent. Music has been the biggest factor in where my positive outlook evolved from. The music of Nahko has really helped me through my transformation of not just going through life but living on my own independently, developing my art as a writer, becoming a yoga teacher and fully accepting my responsibility to change the world and spread the good vibes and positivity through my art. Nahko’s music really touches my heart and has inspired me to live true to my authentic self and keep writing words that keeps the world empowered to bring more light to everything. I’m blessed to have this incredible music that has helped me to increase my frequency and find a tribe that embraces my transformation.”