Sawyer Meets Michael Franti

July 25, 2017

Sawyer, a 5 year old boy, living with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, wanted to see and meet Michael Franti for his wish grant. We were so thrilled to make this happen in June when Michael was performing near their home. Sawyer’s mother, Rebecca, nominated her son, describing him as a spirited boy who is “kicking cancer in the butt!” She said afterwards, “We knew that this experience would be great for our whole family but we had no idea exactly how uplifting it actually would be.  The boys were able to spend some time getting to talk to Michael Franti before the show and he was so inspiring to them.  He gave them both guitar picks and the first thing they did when they got up the next morning was ask for them and start playing their guitars.  They were also thrilled to learn that he loved to ride bikes just like them and on our next bike ride, they insisted on wearing their autographed meet and greet badges.  Sawyer had a infusion of chemotherapy the morning of the show, and he was starting to get really tired toward the end of the show but he did not want to leave as Michael had told him he could get on stage for the second to last song.  He went from almost sleeping in my arms to dancing like crazy on stage in a matter of seconds.  This morning Sawyer told me “I didn’t feel so good, but when that song came on I felt really happy.”  Seeing the pure joy on his face when he was onstage is something I will never forget.  A huge thanks to everyone at Do It For the Love for providing an unforgettable experience for our whole family.”