Sam Meets Meat Loaf

November 26, 2015

Recently Sam sent in a wish grant nomination for herself, noting “I am facing the battle of my life” with her diagnosis of endometrial cancer, following a battle with thyroid cancer in 2011. Sam’s followed the music of Meat Loaf for years and said that tickets to his show in Detroit were one of the few material things she and her husband wanted. We were happy to provide tickets, and are grateful to Meat Loaf’s management for inviting the couple backstage before the show for a VIP experience.

“I cannot thank Do It For The Love enough for this experience,” Sam said. “Having cancer for a second time has been really difficult for me, the emotional roller coaster of having a full hysterectomy at age 35 due to Uterine/Endometrial Cancer has left me in a dark place emotionally. So that I am not only battling cancer but also severe depression. This experience, not only seeing Meat Loaf live in concert but meeting him and having a night away from all of the scary stuff I have been dealing with, was magical. My husband and I agreed when we left home Tuesday that for the time we were away we wouldn’t think about my illness or the financial difficulties that have come along with it or any of that and we would just enjoy ourselves and it was amazing. We checked in to the Motor City Casino Hotel on Tuesday afternoon and it truly was the break we needed. We got to meet the band before the concert and were given an awesome VIP experience, we got a tour of the stage we had awesome seats for the concert and afterward we got to meet Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf’s music has gotten me through so much ever since my teenage years and this experience helped to remind me that it will be okay, good things will still happen.”

It’s truly something to be thankful for and we wish Sam a happy and healthy holiday!