Ryleigh Meets Michael Franti

November 21, 2017

Ryleigh, age 12, was born seven weeks premature with a severe heart defect. By 13 months, she had undergone two open heart surgeries and six gastric surgeries. During her second open heart surgery, she suffered an allergic reaction to a blood-clotting medication that left her clinically dead for 12 minutes, leading to brain damage and epilepsy. She cannot walk or talk, but she can understand what is happening around her. Whenever she hears Michael Franti’s music, she grins from ear to ear. When her mother nominated her to meet Michael Franti at one of his concerts this summer, Do It For The Love was so happy to make this happen!

“Michael Franti treated our whole family like he had known us forever.  Ryleigh was so happy, and our family had such an amazing time at the concert.  He sang to our daughter Findley, and we all danced the night away.   Do it for the Love gave us a night where we had fun and didn’t have to worry about our daughter being seen as different.”