Robert Sees Brad Paisley

September 5, 2017

Robert was born with cystic fibrosis and wasn’t expected to live a very long life. At the age of 40, he was given a double lung transplant and felt like he received a new lease on life. However, just 4 years later, his body began to reject the lungs, and his health began to falter yet again as he was added back to the transplant list. It was at this point that his fiancee nominated Rob for a wish to see Brad Paisley. ¬†Just a day before the show, they received the news that he had been removed from the transplant list due to his current health condition, making this event even more poignant.


Before the show, Rob and his companions¬†got to go backstage to meet Brad Paisley and have pictures taken with him. “He was so soft spoken and kind, offering to do anything he could for Rob. He then put on a rockin’ show and we enjoyed every moment and every memory!”

“Thank you Sara, Michael, all of the Do It For the Love team, Brad Paisley, and Lee Zazofsky at Xfinity Center! You truly have spread the love more than you know.”