River Meets Michael Franti

September 16, 2015

River is a vibrant eight-year old with Cystic Fibrosis. He was diagnosed soon after birth and lives with a daily regiment of treatments and threat of complications.

“For us it’s become routine and part of the lifestyle, but it is a constant. We can’t slack on any of it. CF is always there, a part of our daily lives,” said River’s mother.

River wished to see Michael Franti in concert and we were happy to make his wish come true at the recent concert in Seattle, where River got a private tour of Michael’s tour van and even got to dance and sing on stage with Michael.


“It was awesome,” River said. “I was so glad I got to meet Michael Franti. He is one of the coolest guys to me. I felt alive and awesome being on stage and singing in front of so many people! It was epic!”

We were happy to provide a night of healing music for this family.

“For me, River’s mother, this is also an experience I will always remember. I have been a fan of Michael and Spearhead for 15 years. I feel like I have been on a similar path as Michael, feeling the anger and angst of the world that needed to be expressed but as time moves on sharing love, compassion and being love is what really is needed and what I feel. Franti’s music was a central theme for River and I when living as a single mom. To avoid my melancholy moods and funks I sometimes used to get in I would put some Franti on and we would have a dance party. The music really was healing for me. Having River to share the music with to break old patterns was what I needed. And I know River gained as much as I did. Music is truly a healing tool.”