Rachelle Meets Eric Church

May 12, 2015

Rachelle was diagnosed with leukemia nearly a year ago and has been undergoing vigorous treatment. During her chemo, she and her mother had tickets to see Eric Church in concert but were unable to attend as Rachelle was too ill. One of Rachelle’s social workers shared a flyer about Do It For The Love with her and once we received her nomination, we were glad to finally send her and her mother see Eric recently in Boston, where they not only enjoyed the show, but also met Eric backstage.

“Eric was such a nice guy & when he found out it had been one of my wishes to meet him he got this huge smile on his face. I felt like he genuinely cared for my state of health. I love what Do It For The Love does for kids who love music. This has made me want to volunteer with kids & even though I cant do something big like you do. I hope to make a kid smile & feel special the way you guys made meĀ  feel that night. So again thank you SO much for everything you did for me!”

In her nomination, Rachelle said: “now that I’m out of the hospital trying to get back on my feet, I would love to have a care free, amazing night with my mom and two friends because Eric is one of my favorite country singers.”

We’re so glad to have made this happen for you, Rachelle! We hope the healing power of music stays with you for a long time!