Quinn Meets Sarah McLachlan

April 1, 2015

” Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own”
– Sarah McLachlan

We received a heartfelt nomination from the father of Quinn, a five-year old girl from Connecticut, who is living with an inoperable brain tumor after undergoing years of treatment and surgeries. The family has found immense inspiration from the music of Sarah McLachlan and we were so happy to connect them with a concert and back-stage meeting with her.

Quinn’s father wrote that Sarah McLachlan is one of “the musicians that sings the soundtrack to our lives.” Her generosity with her time and attention for this family exemplifies an artist “doing it for the love.” We’re grateful for Sarah’s support.

Quinn’s father wrote: “When we heard that Michael Franti had started ‘Do It For The Love’, we thought that this would be the perfect way to move forward and take the next step in life’s journey. Thank you so much for giving to the world such an inspirational organization for healing.

Life is full of connections. The people you meet, the songs you hear, the Olympians and Angels that guide you, the amazing journey we take together. We appreciate the opportunity of sharing our story now, and we appreciate the opportunity for Quinn to meet with Sarah directly so that we can share with her…our Ordinary Miracle.”

Along with the nomination, we received a letter from a Certified Child Life Specialist at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center:

“To me this family exemplifies bravery and fortitude, and I recommend them as recipients of this opportunity from the Do It for the Love Foundation without reservation. I know that it would put a smile on a very deserving little girl’s face to meet one of her musical heroes, but furthermore, I know that Quinn will inspire and touch Sarah McLachlan as well. That’s just the type of little girl she is.”

We’re so thrilled to have made this memorable experience happen for such a deserving girl and her family.