Prasha Meets Twenty One Pilots

January 21, 2017

Prasha celebrated her 29th birthday in the hospital following a life saving lung transplant. Her wish grant request revealed even more. “I was diagnosed with scleroderma when I was 23, Pulmonary Fibrosis at 25 and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension at 26. I received a life saving transplant on February 9, 2016 just to wake up next to my loving husband after 5 days in an induced coma on February 14, 2016. Before that I was in a wheel chair and on a high level Oxygen. I had crossed the fine line of not making it.”

Throughout Prasha’s recovery, she found comfort in her husband, daughter and physical therapist. “Despite all the pain, hope and love won for us. I became a walking miracle in the hospital. My husband never left my side. My therapist became my best friend.” Together, they would listen to music as they “sang, cried, smiled and walked along Prasha during her life and death ordeal.”  Prasha shared, “Music played a vital role in my recovery. We used to play my playlist and the entire unit danced and sang with us. We made their days.”

We were honored to grant Prasha and her family a 30th birthday to remember. Prasha and her family had an “amazing time” as VIP guests at the Twenty One Pilots concert.  “I never felt so alive since my hospital stay. I was jumping, laughing and screaming, as if the energy that was boxed inside me all came out. I even got to hug them!”