Peter Sees Ozomatli

October 3, 2014

“We had an amazing time at Ozomatli! It was the first time in over 6 months that we’ve spent time together as a family that was not crisis-related. It was a true celebration of Peter’s survival of this ordeal. It was also a great treat for the boys, who’ve been attending Ozo concerts since they were very little guys.

And … an inexplicable miracle occurred 2 days later. Ever since his first round of chemo in May, Peter has had a very debilitating side effect of abdominal pain that made it impossible for him to stand straight, or walk well, and that pain completely disappeared last Friday night (the night after the concert). Since the doctors aren’t sure what was causing the pain, they definitely can’t explain why it went away. I, of course, would like to credit it to the healing power of music! Again, thank you so much! This was truly a special event for our family that we will carry with us in our hearts for a long time!!” ~ Liz, Peter’s wife