Paul Sees Billy Joel

January 12, 2018

April 15, 2014 was the day our lives changed forever when Paul was diagnosed with a rare terminal brain tumor. Paul  is a  very talented musician who played at gigs with his own band on weekends. His full-time job was running a dairy farm in the Catskills in NY. He had to give up his singing and playing guitar as the chemotherapy and radiation took effect. He had to give up coaching baseball and many other community activities he volunteered to do.  I was forced to quit my job to help run the farm and care for Paul. Music is still a huge part of healing for us both. We dance in the barn when a fun song comes on the radio.  This gift from Do It For The Love of seeing Billy Joel play at Madison Square Garden was a real delight.  Being in NYC was a very special treat. The seats were wonderful and  the hotel staff were very nice. Even the trip on the Amtrak train was relaxing.  We got to see Christmas in New York at its most festive.  It was uplifting, and we got to make a very special memory seeing the sights. We sang along with all those wonderful songs of Billy Joel that we grew up listening to. Thank you so very much. It touches our heart to know there are such kind people in this world. Thank you to this organization for sharing the love of music. It truly helps us carry on. We will try to pay it forward when we can.  There truly are good people in this world  and a lot of love that helps us all to carry on.


PS  Since the concert, Paul’s eyesight has greatly diminished. He lost his ability to write and struggles to speak. I wrote this testimonial on his behalf.

written by Jane Wais, wife of Paul Wais

Update: We are sad to share the news that Paul passed away shortly after this concert. We lift his family and friends up in our hearts.