Noah Meets The Newsboys

March 9, 2015

 Noah is an eight-year old boy from Florida who is living with epilepsy, hypoglycemia and other related conditions. He takes medication each day to help with his breathing and was recently left heartbroken at the fact that he can no longer play football. His mother nominated him to see one of his favorite bands, the Newsboys, and we were thrilled to not just make the concert happen for the family but also to get them VIP passes to meet the band backstage. Noah’s mother shared a bit about their memorable experience:

“Noah had such a good time at the Newsboys – he had a smile on his face the whole time that we have not seen in a while. He was so happy he got to hug and visit with the band. With his medical problems, it gave him a day of just being happy and free of worries. He said he will never forget it, and our family will never forget it.


Thank you so much for this wish for Noah. We would love to help this Foundation in any way we can so other moms and dads and families can see a smile on their family’s faces as we have today with Noah.”