Nathan Sees Maroon 5

February 28, 2015

Nathan is a brave 12-year old boy from Texas who is living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His mother submitted a wish grant application for him to see his favorite band Maroon 5, in Dallas.

“Slowly Nathan is losing all the muscles in his body. Despite the diagnosis, he is in choir and drama and loves music. He is in a clinical trial out of state which requires travel every other month. He is the bravest child with all the testing and poking and prodding he endures. I am so proud that he never complains and chooses to be in this trial to help him and others faced with the same life threatening condition. Maroon 5 is his most favorite band. He really wants to go to this concert but we are struggling with the costs of the venue. We would love it if you could help him go.”


We were happy to make Nathan’s wish come true, and Maroon 5 stepped in to provide upgraded seats for the family.


“We will never forget Nathan’s first concert to see his favorite band Maroon 5 up close,” said Nathan’s mom, Jessica. “Thanks so much, he will always remember this super fun night!”

And Nathan himself said: “Seeing this inspires me to keep singing. Maybe I can be in a band some day! How fun was it sitting so close to my favorite band! They were incredible!”