Nathan Meets Michael Franti

July 8, 2015

Just over a year ago, 6-year old Nathan was diagnosed with severe hepatitis associated aplastic anemia (an extremely rare 1 in 20 million diagnosis). He has spent the past year being completely dependent on transfusions, receiving 99 transfusions over five months, two bone marrow transplants courtesy of his generous sister (who happened to be a perfect match) and many associated complications.

“Through all of this Nathan greets every day with a smile and brings joy to everyone around him,” said his mom in her nomination letter. “His strength, resilience and bright light is a blessing to all of us. And his love for her sister, and her love for him has been a tremendous bright spot through it all.”


We were so glad to send Nathan, his sister and family to Michael Franti’s concert in Chicago in May 2015.


“We are all still pumped from this experience. And just thinking of all that he’s been though since this time last year . . . this really was an incredible “turn the page” moment for him. He still has a long way to go but these milestones are really great to give him the energy to keep on overcoming each obstacle with his characteristic sparkle and happiness.”

 “The kids literally became part of the concert throwing giant balloons into the crowd and dancing and singing on stage. Also Nathan got to meet Michael, give him a hug and thank him for making music that brought him such joy during his long 121 days in the hospital.

Thank you for allowing us to have this one night of pure joy, for helping our children to feel extra special and for making their first concert experience one that they will never forget. The kids said “Thank you for the best night ever”.

This experience also allowed us to give Camryn some much deserved recognition for all she did to help her brother overcome his illness. I am not sure how to thank a child for saving her brother’s life but moments like this really go a long way.”