Myka And Jim

April 24, 2014

Pictured are Myka and Jim at Pink’s concert last Sunday nite. Myka is a 40-year-old mother of four (6yrs – 16yrs). She has Grade 3 brain cancer, and an inoperable tumor in the left temporal lobe of her brain. Months ago, her husband Jim surprised Myka by reaching to our Foundation to find out if we’d be able to get tickets to Pink’s sold out concert in Denver. He explained to us that “Pink is her biggest musical inspiration, and this would be seriously amazing therapy for Myka. Your foundation speaks of the healing power of music, and I see this in Myka.” We were so delighted to be able to grant this wish for Myka and Jim, and they emailed us when they arrived at their concert seats!

Jim wrote to us the following day: “Pink’s concert was so great and such a positive experience. Myka said it was one of the most amazing and memorable times of her life, (with tears in her eyes of course). She keeps thanking me, so I’ll keep thanking you! Before the concert, when we were sitting in those amazing seats talking, Myka told me that what she likes so much about Pink’s music is the message of not letting anything take control of you. Her music connects with Myka. Write your own story.”

Jim and Myka, you are such an inspiring and thoughtful couple! Life is better with you..