Molly Meets Andrew McMahon

July 2, 2017

We recently received an inspiring wish grant request from Molly. “I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos III in March of 2014, granted full disability in 2015, and have been in the hospital 12 times since. I ended up on a medical odyssey that seems never ending. I’m so very lucky and so very appreciative for every day, every second that I’m blessed to live in this world. I like to let it be known that I love being alive. I’ve walked through hell, but I’m here,” shared Molly.

The VIP experience proved to be “the best night” of Molly’s life. In addition to VIP seats, a signed setlist and signed merchandise, Molly had the opportunity to share her journey with Andrew McMahon during a special meet and greet. “I will never forget this day as long as I live. What meant the most to me is that Andrew McMahon, someone who survived the impossible and didn’t let it break him at all, called ME brave. I was in shock. I was in tears. My hero who’s helped me through so much really thought I was brave and that meant everything because he is the ultimate example of what brave really means. It made me want to keep going no matter how difficult my journey is.”

“THANK YOU, DO IT FOR THE LOVE for the best night of my life. You let me forget everything for a night and you made something I’d been wishing for for years actually happen for me in reality. It gave me a renewed sense of hope and drive to continue on my Ehlers-Danlos journey.”