Mischa Meets Katy Perry

February 23, 2018

Mischa, 11, has been battling a rare bone disorder and heart problems for most of her short life. She recently had a bone marrow transplant in an effort to bring some relief, and unfortunately developed graft vs. host disease, introducing a new round of complications. She is no longer able to walk, and pain management has become an issue. When she and her family recently moved to Whistler to be closer to her doctors, she quickly won over her new community with her vibrance and energy. Since her  latest setback, she has been at home, facing the unknown. When asked what she’d most like to do by a family friend, Mischa said that she wanted to see Katy Perry, her favorite artist, perform. Do It For The Love was honored to make this wish happen!

“We wanted to thank you SO MUCH again (and again and again) for the extraordinary concert experience that Mischa will forever remember…what a night!!! It was amazing to meet Katy Perry, who was kind and humble, and really expressed her warmth with Mischa. They had an amazing time hanging out, and it was really appreciated that she made the effort of time and extended her love to do this, right before going straight to the stage (on her scooter, of course). Possibly the best moment for us was to look over at Mischa in her seat, happily and loudly shrieking while Katy performed, waving her light back and forth with the crowd….literally forgetting her problems and being ‘just a normal kid’ for that night, and just letting go…That was the moment she has truly needed for so long. I think we all needed that moment.”