Millie Meets R5

February 17, 2016

Millie was diagnosed with an Optic / Hypothalamic low-grade glioma brain tumor in July of 2013. She has been in chemotherapy treatment since August 2013 with only a two-month break. While dealing with this incredible challenge, she holds tight to the motto: “Best Day Ever,” inspired by the R5 song.

She wished to see R5 in concert and we were thrilled to provide not just tickets, but also a back-stage VIP sound check experience and meet & greet with the band for her, thanks to support from AEG Live.

“Millie had a fantastic experience at the R5 concert and VIP experience Saturday,” said Millie’s dad. “I cannot tell you just how much she loves music and dance. Her mother and I enjoyed the whole experience and especially seeing the sheer joy on her face!”