Michael Meets Carrie Underwood

October 28, 2016

Michael’s story is one from the heart and we were honored to be a part of it. Michael lives with Mitochondrial Myopathy, or MITO, for short. MITO can effect multiple organs including the heart, lungs and brain due to breakdowns in the mitochondria. The side effects of MITO can range from fatigue to muscle weakness and can significantly impact quality of life because there is no cure or medication for this rare disease. Michael believes it “needs the world’s attention.”

Michael has helped put MITO on the map. Not only is Michael spreading the word on social media outlets, but also through his website www.hugsformito.com.

Granting Michael’s wish to attend Carrie Underwood’s concert and meet her in person at the Mohegan Sun proved¬†to be “a once in a lifetime opportunity!” As Michael recalled, “Thank you Do It For The Love. What an incredible experience you provided me and my wife, Judi. It made us feel awesome. We were King and Queen for the evening!”