Malakai Meets Macklemore

July 11, 2018

11 year old Malakai who is courageously living with DOCK8 deficiency, a hyper IgE syndrome, loves Macklemore. Malakai calls Macklemore’s song ‘Glorious’ his self-proclaimed theme song, which he says, “describes his situation and that he would, as the song insists, “make it through the darkest part of the night,” when he was facing particularly difficult times.

A brave young man, Malakai has lived with his illness throughout his entire life. In August of 2017, he began chemotherapy, followed by a bone marrow transplant in September of 2017. Do It For The Love granted Malakai’s wish to see Macklemore perform in what his family describes as an “incredible opportunity” in which they were able to experience amazement and pure joy spread through Malakai, especially when Macklemore dedicated ‘Glorious’ to him during the concert.