Macayla Meets the Cast of Sesame Street Live

June 30, 2017

We recently granted Macayla’s wish to see Sesame Street Live. Macayla, 4, has a rare inherited autosomal recessive disorder called Cohen’s Syndrome. With Cohen’s Syndrome, there are developmental delays, neutropenia (low white blood cells), and autistic traits, among other complications. Macayla also developed Erb’s palsy on her left arm during birth and was born with extreme bilateral clubfeet, requiring 3 surgeries during her short life so far. Her mom, who accompanied her to the show, said that “Macayla was not really understanding what was going on as we picked up our tickets. When we were walking into the area for the meet n greet with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie, Macayla looked at the characters, then looked at us to make sure it was real and pointed to her group of stuffed friends. Her smile appeared and she bounced with excitement.  When it was her turn, she even poked Cookie to make sure he was real. When Big Bird came on stage, it looked like Macayla was going to get up from her wheelchair as she was amazed to see all her tv friends now live. When she looks at her picture with the characters and the souvenir book of the live show, she points to them in the book and to her stuffed friends . We can clearly see her reliving that night in her mind every time. Do It For the Love made everything possible and helped our family share a magical experience, along with seeing our daughter, who has had a rough journey, light up with pure happiness.”