Lynne And Marianne See The Grateful Dead

July 9, 2015

Two cousins and a life-long love of the Grateful Dead​ led to one memorable night in Chicago for the band’s final performance. Lynne and Marianne have been battling breast cancer together, remaining side-by-side for treatments, surgeries and relapses through the years. Through it all, music tied them together. Lynne’s daughter nominated the pair for a wish grant and we were lucky enough to find a connection to limited tickets through the show’s generous promoter.

“Lynne and I are cousins and are so much alike in so many ways. We grew up together riding horses and reading Archie comic books. Like most kids, our older brothers and sisters turned us on to “cool” music like Clapton, Dylan, Joni Mitchell and the Who. But it was the Grateful Dead who really touched our souls. We started going to Dead concerts in our early teens and discovered a love for the harmonies, lyrics, and musical innovation of this crazy band. We also bathed in the kindness of the deadheads and cherished watching the fans not only dance, but dance deep from their souls.

Nine years ago, Lynne was the first one to be diagnosed with breast cancer. It was an early stage, and Lynne was so optimistic, and seemed to beat it, till it aggressively came back 4 years later. After a tough surgery, she beat it again. I got diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, and physically I handled the treatment pretty easily, but emotionally it’s been a hard road. Then a couple years ago within 6 months of each other, our doctors found masses on our ovaries. Our doctors were very worried in both of our cases and thought that we both had ovarian cancer. We were both devastated and afraid. Another surgery for both of us, and luckily our masses were benign.

After all of our surgeries and treatments, there was always a Michael Franti concert where we celebrated with songs that had such heartfelt lyrics such as I’m Alive, and Life Is Better with You.

We had one of best nights of our lives thanks to the Do it for Love Foundation granting our wish to see our 1st band doing their last show. Ironically, The Grateful Dead’s encore was the song Touch of Grey, with the lyrics “I will survive, I will get by…..Of course we loved the show, but even more so, we loved being TOGETHER for this show. Thank you so much for making it happen!”