Luke Sees School Of Rock

April 7, 2016

“There are not enough descriptors in the dictionary to describe the fantastic time Luke had at the Broadway Production School of Rock. Julie DeVore and the entire cast and crew made Luke and our entire family feel like rock stars. From the amazing show performance to the back stage tour, meeting the cast and crew, spending time with the cast in their dressing rooms playing video games after the show.  It was amazing! Luke was able to experience the costuming of the kids and they even let him dress in one of the jackets!

Luke has already decided in addition to the drums that he already plays that he wants to now learn to play the guitar like the other kids on stage. Throughout his cancer treatment, music played a vital role in his healing. He spent a lot of time listening to various artists and finding a way to escape in music on the difficult days. The soundtrack from The School of Rock became his anthem when he would have to go in for every other day chemotherapy shots for 18 weeks. The phrase Stick it to the Man became a mantra of sorts because “the man” was his cancer. Often times throughout cancer treatment children often wonder if they will ever be able to feel normal again? Meeting the young stars of the show made Luke realize that his future is bright, that there are a ton of things he can be successful at. He said, maybe in a few years I will be as good as Dante the drummer “aka Freddie.” As a parent of a child who has spent a 1/3 of his life fighting for his life, it warms your heart because they see a future for themselves. The best was when we went to stop for ice cream on the way back to our hotel, Luke said “Mom I just feel like crying because that experience was so AMAZING!”


This experience was so therapeutic to our entire family because we are all HUGE Broadway fans. This of course was Luke’s first Broadway performance and he cannot wait to return to see another show someday. When a child battles cancer its the entire family that battles along with them. Unfortunately siblings are sometimes put to the side as parents focus on ill child who is in and out of the hospital. Our daughter Faith was her own rock star as she maintained her academics as best as possible, always understood the need for the mom or dad to be gone for days to the hospital for treatment. This was a phenomenal way to bring our family together and spend time with each other, laughing and having the time of our lives. We don’t know what each day will bring but we know that through the loving support of foundations like Do It for Love that we will continue to have the support we need.

Do it for Love Foundation is an amazing opportunity. Never in a million years did I think that Luke’s Broadway dream would come true. Even though we had planned the weekend in NYC to celebrate the end of 3 years of treatments, we knew that the cost of a Broadway show was out of our financial means. I was told about this foundation through one of my Facebook groups and I thought the one thing I have learned through cancer treatment is to never not ask. So I took the chance and nominated my child because he deserves the world. His life will never be the same, he lost so much but in the same time has gained more experiences than most adults do in a lifetime. He is wise beyond his years at 9 but will grow up to be the most compassionate and hardworking people you know because he knows what it means to be grateful for each day and for each person he comes in contact with. Do if for Love Foundation, the cast and crew of The School of Rock – I hope you are able to recognize the amazing impact that you have on others’ lives. God Bless you all and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.”

The Gworek Family: Danielle, Bill, Faith and Luke.