Love To Brylee And Her Family

January 29, 2015

Last summer, we received a nomination for a young girl named Brylee to attend Michael Franti and Spearhead’s Soulshine Show. Brylee captivated everyone’s hearts at the show. She had shared with Michael during a meet and greet that she had to learn to walk again after her childhood cancer and was so happy to not only walk, but dance. So Michael brought her on stage to do just that.

Unfortunately, her leukemia is back with additional challenges. The past few days have brought many struggles and much heartache for Brylee and her family. Through fevers, fungus, headaches, poor oxygenation, chemotherapy, a CT, MRI, and surgeries…. little Brylee is fighting for her life.. She and her family are struggling, and Susan, who originally nominated Brylee for the wish grant, wrote to us, saying that she’d ““Love for someone at DIFTL to shout out to the community to send love and prayers to dear Brylee. She is really struggling and it’s been extremely difficult…she has had one health challenge after another but they continue to not give up hope.”

“When we ask Brylee, “What can I pray for you today?”, her requests are very simple. She doesn’t ask for the Leukemia to be gone, she doesn’t ask to go home and go to school and play like all the other kids. She doesn’t ask to keep her hair, smile with both sides of her mouth or just take a bath (which she can’t do because of her port). She doesn’t ask for much, she simply says, “I just want to feel better.” With a constant headache, frequent body aches, cough and sinus drainage feeling better is all that she is asking for. So today, along with all of your prayers for her health and recovery, let’s all pray for Brylee to just feel better as she continues to fight this battle.”

We’re here for you Brylee and sending healing thoughts your way!