Lorenzo Meets Jack Johnson

September 19, 2016

Veronica recently shared with us the inspiring story of her 9 year old son, Lorenzo. “Lorenzo is a miracle who wasn’t expected to live past his 1st birthday. Despite over 11 surgeries these past 8 years, and living with stage 2 chronic kidney disease, he has learned to surpass his medical conditions through his love of music.”  After learning to walk at 5 years old, it was musical artists like Michael Franti and Jack Johnson that helped him learn to dance and continue to thrive. Lorenzo’s favorite music to listen to is “happy, mellow, ocean/surf,” so we were thrilled to grant Lorenzo and his family VIP tickets to the KAABOO music festival in San Diego.

“The whole experience was great! Being able to put the stress of the many doctor’s visits, hospital stays and medications aside, even for only 12 hours, was nothing short of amazing!” Jack Johnson created an “unforgettable experience” by dedicating his encore song to Lorenzo. “Meeting Jack was the icing on the cake! Being able to share with Jack how much his music helped Lorenzo make it through all of his surgeries, doctor’s visits, too many blood draws to even remember, sick times, and even cuddle time was important to us!”


 The experience ultimately provided a sense of  hope and the opportunity for Lorenzo and his family to heal through the power of music. “We will forever be grateful. Thank you for ensuring we had the experience of a lifetime!”