Lauren Meets TLC

July 16, 2015

Lauren was born with a rare genetic disease that causes tumors to grow throughout her body and on the surface of her skin. It’s complicated by a disorder that affects her kidneys and lungs and requires consistent treatment and multiple surgeries. In her application, Lauren said: “Through all out these hard times I still remain positive because I wanna enjoy moments of life with happiness and complete joy.”

She’s found strength and inspiration from the band TLC and we were happy to send her and her sister to see the show and meet T-Boz and Chilli backstage at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

“This experience of meeting T-Boz and Chilli made me feel so happy!” Lauren said. “I’ve been going through  so much lately and to finally see something positive happen brought me so much joy! They were truly so nice to me and to my little sister and the experience for the both of us was just incredible.

I told T-Boz how she truly inspires me because of how strong she is and that it keeps me going. They are such beautiful, strong, inspirational, talented, and kind women! I truly enjoyed meeting them.

Thank you, Do It For the Love, for this incredible experience!! I think it’s truly beautiful how you guys help people like me make there dreams come true and give them moments of joy! This experience enhanced my life in an amazing way it helps me to strive even harder to fight.”