Kylie Meets Black Veil Brides

March 9, 2018

Kylie was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) at 7 months of age.  All of her life, people have told her what she will not be able to do..  Her parents were told they had too high of expectations for her. Kylie has always proven everyone wrong.
She has an amazing attitude and has worked very hard.  Kylie will be graduating high school this year and plans to attend a 2 year college for photography.  Her major goal is to be a photographer for a band, maybe even for Black Veil Brides, one of her favorite bands!
Music has always been Kylie’s outlet when she felt left out and different from everyone else.  Kylie never had many friends until recently when she started attending a career technical center.  There she has found friends who accept her and share the same interests including music. Kylie is a strong advocate for others, especially those who feel bullied, unaccepted by society, and those who self harm.  Kylie has always felt different and never wants anyone else to feel that way.

She wrote the following letter to her favorite band Black Veil Brides:

Dear Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake, and Jinxx ;
Your band was the first band that made me like this type of music.  You band as helped me through some tough times. My best friend moved away during the summer of freshmsn year of high school.  I felt alone and abandoned. She was my only friend that I had. You music helped a lot when I thought no one was there you music was.  So in a way you guys were kinda my friend. NEVER STOP making music
Love your fan,

Do It For The Love was honored to grant this wish for Kylie. Her mom told us afterwards that “she had a great time at the concert because, according to her, she was meeting “the most beautiful man in the world”.  Everyone was super nice and accommodating. With their suggestion, we agreed to have Kylie at the end of the line so she could have extra time with the band and get autographs.  She got several hugs and was all smiles.”