Kylee Meets Rachel Platten

August 16, 2017

Kylee, 13, suffers from numerous complex medical conditions, including mitochondrial disease. She has been battling this disease since she was born and has undergone over 30 surgeries at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Her condition is life limiting at best and can be life threatening due to her medical vulnerability. Kylee is incredibly sweet and finds comfort in listening to music. Since her health is so precarious, her parents and caretakers want to provide her with as many fun opportunities as they can. Do It for the Love was happy to help make one of those happen by sending Kylee to meet Rachel Platten and see her in concert along with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

“We want to thank Do it for the Love for a memorable night. We had an amazing time together. Something that doesn’t happen often. The most memorable for Kylee was meeting Rachel Platten. She was genuinely kind and amazing. She took time to just talk with Kylee. Thank you again for making this wish come true.”