Kim's One-Year Update After Meeting Michael Franti

February 26, 2015

Kim, who was surprised with a visit from Sara Agah and a video chat with Michael Franti one year ago, shared this inspiring update about her progress. While the DIFTL mission focuses on sending people to live-music experiences, every once in awhile we’re happy to be able to make a special wish happen for someone in a challenging situation. We’re continuing to send healthy vibes your way, Kim!

“One year ago today, I was having a rough day in the hospital. I was battling anaplastic large cell lymphoma and related complications while my two-week old son (who had been born nine weeks prematurely) was in the NICU. I can’t remember why specifically, but I was emotional throughout the day. My husband also seemed to be acting a little weird and I couldn’t figure out why. Part way through the afternoon, there was a knock on my door. Figuring it was just a nurse checking on me, I didn’t really think anything of it…until I didn’t recognize the voice of the person coming in. I turned to look and my jaw probably dropped when I saw it was Sara. My husband had been coordinating this visit with her after friends had written to the Do It For the Love Foundation. Knowing that we were huge fans of Michael Franti (Sara saw the picture hanging in my hospital room from when I met him the summer before at the Saskatoon Jazz Festival), my friends had written to the Do It For the Love Foundation, with a wish for me to meet Michael Franti. Sara talked with my husband and I for about 30 minutes and then we video chatted with Michael Franti and Carl.

Fast forward to today. I am the proud mother of a healthy, happy, energetic, goofy, wonderful boy. Michael has just turned one – he loves exploring, sliding down stairs, clapping, and eating cheese, but hates socks! After changing treatments last May and having an autologous stem cell transplant in October, I am now cancer free!! We are enjoying life returning to ‘normal’ and having the time to cherish the joys of family life. Thank you to Kate, Erin, Alexis, and Erica for writing to the Do It For the Love Foundation. You ladies helped brighten my life when I needed extra sunshine. Thank you to Sara, Michael, Carl, Ade, and the Do It For the Love Foundation. You and your music picked us up during some of the most difficult moments of our lives. You continue to inspire us everyday with your stories of strength, hope, love, determination, and charity. Thank you Do It For the Love for bringing hope to me when I needed it the most.”