Kelly Meets Ed Sheeran

October 2, 2015

Living the dash. It’s what Kelly calls the time spent doing the things she loves and making memories with her family as she faces a diagnosis of Stage IV breast cancer, which has no cure.

“I choose to live my life, rather than dwelling on my death,” Kelly said. “I, like others, call it “living the dash”. I want to create happy memories with my daughter, for her to reflect back on.”

A night of music and celebration with Ed Sheeran was a memorable way to “live the dash” for Kelly and her daughter.

“How to I begin to thank Do It For the Love Foundation??” she said. “I don’t think any word can capture the amazing experience my daughter and I had, thanks to you.

“September 16, 2015 in Tinley Park, IL was a huge “live the dash” day for both of us. Ed Sheeran’s tour manager met us first. There were about 25-30 other people there for a meet and greet. He pulled us aside and said he wanted us at the end of the line, so we’d have more time with Ed. There came my first tears of the evening.

“My daughter was in front of me as we came up the stairs into the “green room.” Hunter was escorted to Ed and he opened his arms and gave her a hug. Cue tears #2. Seeing me crying with joy, Ed walked over to me and wrapped me in a great big hug, and thanked me for coming to see him! Yup, tears #3. He chatted with us, asking where we were from and how I was doing. He signed autographs and took pictures with us. We then went to our seats — front row center. You got it, tears #4!! We stood and sang and danced and hugged each other the entire concert.

“Love is healing. Music is healing. Thanks to Do It For the Love, my daughter and I got to forget  that I have metastatic breast cancer. We got to live the dash.”