Katie Sees Justin Timberlake

April 27, 2018

When I was diagnosed with cancer at 26, I quickly learned that I was part of a group of adults considered ‘the forgotten generation’. I was barely too old to be part of the pediatric cancer department but I was decades too young for any of the current research used to treat my cancer to apply to me. I have had to navigate my way through cancer, clinging to other young patients, participating in any studies and trials to help other young people in the future. Then, after four years of remission, I found out the cancer had returned. It was terminal, and this was all nine days before our wedding. At 31, I was facing end of life decisions.

When I came across Do It For The Love, I was so relieved that I qualified because age wasn’t a prerequisite. Everyone who is given the gift of live music with DIFTL has the same thing in common; we are all seeking the refuge of the sound of our favourite artists drowning out the fears, the questions and the uncertainties. Justin Timberlake did just that. Although I walk with a cane, I was able to do a little dancing. I wasn’t wearing a SUIT & TIE, and at one point I felt a little FILTHY. Weeks later, and I CAN’T STOP THE FEELING. One thing’s for sure, I brought SEXYBACK.

Because I have had cancer for the majority of my adult life, I find it difficult to separate myself from the disease; however, thanks to DIFTL, along with my two sister in laws and niece, watching JT meant I was a young woman watching an incredible artist in amazing seats instead of a cancer patient.